Friday, June 26, 2009

White Heat, Red Hot!

So, here I am with a big cup of coffee and a brief update on my life since the last post. Sadly there hasn't been any solo recording done at all...

By the way, the picture to the right has nothing to do with this text. It's Thord going wild (of course you can't see it, it's a still picture, but I promise, he's wild here)... ;)

I have started a business, and I'm ready to test it's wings now, and will start at the first of july. It's a graphical design company, and I will mainly work with web pages and such. But will also do other graphical work, like CD-Covers, Posters, well, just about anything that has something to do with graphical design. If you want to know more about this please contact me for further information.

Within the band things are going in the right direction. Thord is still not well, but he's getting better, and I hope that we will be able to complete the studiowork for the upcoming album soon. We have been rehearsing some, and have started to play around with a few covers... We have also written a few new songs, but that's for the future to come.

Well, that's it for now... Will be back later...


Thursday, June 4, 2009


I have a few ideas on instrumental songs that I will record when I get the time to do so, after a few arrangements have been done for them. This time it will be more harmonies, and not as heavy as before. It will be somewhat more layed back, but it won't be without punch. I got these ideas when I was out driving around this evening, and it will be a fun hobby project that I can play around with on the side. And I think most of you will appreciate it as well when you hear the result...



Life has been hectic a while now, and I have been very busy with other things, like starting up a business on the side, working at my father's company, and more of that normal day, boring, life crap... Anyway, now things are starting to look good again, at least on the drawing board... So you can expect more posts here again... Yay!

And on a side note, what is it with drummers? I have been thinking back, and tried to figure out if I have played with any drummer that hasn't done anything crazy, stupid or funny at gigs. I don't remember anyone... Well, the worst was probably the drummer we had in Condemned (no he's not stupid, but he didn't exactly have luck on his side). At one gig he even fell of stage... Yep, he fell right off the stage... Behind the drums there was this big drape, and he fell down there, ended up behind the drapes, and couldn't find his way back up on stage, so he had to run all the way around, and get up on stage again from the side... Me and the other members wondered where the heck the drummer was, and when we looked there was no one behind the drums. Then he came running from the side... Eh, oki... Well, the music didn't stop, and I guess the crowd thought that this was part of the show...

Oh well, drummers... :) And why do they always throw their sticks on me? Well, Mikael hasn't yet, but I'm sure he's just waiting for the right moment to hit me in the back with those things! ;)

Until the next time, cheers!